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Central Virginia Planning District Commission Is Named By The U.S. Department Of Transportation (fy 2023) A "Thriving Communities Program" Recipient

LYNCHBURG, VA—Historic Downtown Lynchburg’s 12th Street could receive federal funding to address much-needed traffic and area improvements within the next few years due to Central Virginia Planning District Commission’s (CVPDC) latest invitation to the USDOT Thriving Communities Program (TCP).

In May 2024, the CVPDC officially became one of 52 awardees across the United States invited to the USDOT Thriving Communities Program. Through this program, the region will receive two years of no-cost technical assistance from national consultant teams to advance transformative transportation projects that support economic development, community development, access, environment, and mobility.

The program will aid the CVPDC in leading a detailed corridor evaluation, design and implementation activity to help transform the 12th Street corridor. The goal of this evaluation will be to compete for federal aid that will aid in developing complementary solutions for housing, brownfield reuse, and transportation near the Amtrak station.

“We are thrilled that CVPDC’s application was selected as one of 52 approved nationwide for the USDOT’s Thriving Communities Program,” said Alec Brebner, AICP, executive director of CVPDC. “This invitation is a huge step in the right direction for our community’s continued growth and prosperity.”

Currently, 12th Street includes two schools, a community center, shopping and a primary access route to the Greater Lynchburg Transit Company (GLTC) Transfer Center.

CVPDC will work in partnership with the City and GLTC on this innovative project.

“The TCP Complete Neighborhood project is a pivotal step towards enhancing community development and pedestrian-friendly amenities along the 12th Street corridor,” said Kelly Hitchcock, deputy director of transportation at CVPDC. “Working with the City of Lynchburg and GLTC, we aim to support the historic Diamond Hill and College Hill neighborhoods, benefiting schools, community centers, and local businesses.”

This award marks the second them that CVPDC has positioned the region for direct federal funding for transportation improvements upon successful plan completion. These opportunities can help offset the recent reduction in access to SMART SCALE for regional agencies. Federal construction awards may also match state funds, enhancing Central Virginia’s competitiveness for future funding.

About the Thriving Communities Program

Led by Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, the Thriving Communities Program is funded with an initial $25 million through the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2022, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (USDOT) new Thriving Communities Program (TCP) facilitates the planning and development of transportation and community revitalization activities and provides tools to ensure that under-resourced communities can access the historic funding provided in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL).


About Central Virginia Planning District Commission

The Central Virginia Planning District Commission (CVPDC) is established under section 15.2-42000 of the Code of Virginia as one of 21 planning districts which serve the local governments of the Commonwealth. The CVPDC works to provide services for member localities and identify and develop opportunities for coordination among the region’s local governments. Additionally, the CVPDC encourages and facilitates collaboration among local governments in addressing challenges and opportunities of greater-than-local significance.


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