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The CVPDC works with its member localities and local stakeholders to facilitate conversation, planning and projects that advance the responsible stewardship of our region’s natural land and water resources.   We provide assistance ranging from facilitation and communication with local and state agencies, assist with project compliance, facilitate region-wide water quality supply planning, stormwater management planning, and stream and watershed planning and implementation studies to achieve resource quality goals. 

Watershed Planning

The CVPDC has facilitated and provided guidance in a number of watershed projects including, development of studies and plans to restore and maintain water quality within local, regional, and state waterways.

Developing a strategy to restore identified substandard or “dirty” streams to required water quality standards begins with the development of the TMDL study.  A TMDL is a numerical measure of a particular pollutant load a water body can hold and still meet water quality standards.   After a TMDL has been developed, a strategy to meet the water quality measure, or a TMDL Implementation Plan (IP) is developed.  A TMDL IP is a summation of activities or actions that over time will assist in meeting water quality standards. 

TMDLs and TMDL Implementation Plans are developed through an extensive public outreach and stakeholder coalition process that include local citizens, farmers, local government officials and staff, and local and state agencies.

Currently the CVPDC, along with PDCs across the Commonwealth, is partnering with DEQ to advance strategies to meet the Commonwealth’s Chesapeake Bay Phase III WIP nutrient reduction goals.  Throughout 2019 CVPDC will lead activities.

Past TMDL projects include:


Infrastructure Planning & Development

The CVPDC assist in both regional and locality water and wastewater planning and project implementation

Region 2000 Water Supply Plan
In compliance with the State Water Control Board’s regulation 9 VAC 25-780, Local and Regional Water Supply Planning, the Region 2000 Local Government Council Water Supply Plan (Plan), revised in April 2011, is a functional sustainable water supply plan that supports growth and economic development.  The regulation establishes a comprehensive water supply planning process for the development of local, regional and state water supply initiatives.   The plan was developed to:

  • Ensure adequate and safe drinking water is available to residents throughout the region;
  • Encourage, promote, and protect other beneficial uses of the region’s water supply;
  • Encourage, promote and develop initiatives for alternative water sources; and
  • Promote conservation.



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