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The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) requires localities develop and maintain a plan that examines the risk and impact of natural disasters and establishes strategies to mitigate, or lessen, human and property impacts.  To ensure FEMA mitigation grant fund eligibility, the mitigation plan must be updated every five years.    


Regional Pre-Disaster Hazard Mitigation Plan

The Central Virginia PDC region, through grant funding provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM) and area localities, has updated the region’s pre-disaster or Hazard Mitigation Plan.   The Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act requires that a pre-disaster or mitigation plan be developed and adopted as a condition for eligibility for federal pre-disaster and some post-disaster funding.

Mitigation is defined as “the action of lessening in severity or intensity”.  The Draft Central Virginia Planning District Hazard Mitigation Plan identifies area susceptibility to hazards (e.g. flooding, severe weather), establishes goals and objectives, and presents strategies, or actions, that can be taken to lessen hazard impacts and build community resilience.  The CVPDC contracted with the Virginia Tech Center for Geospatial Information Technology (CGIT) to guide the pre-disaster planning effort.  The CGIT team, which includes contribution by SOBIS, Inc, in partnership with local stakeholders or Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to develop the pre-hazard mitigation plan.


Draft Central Virginia PDC Hazard Mitigation Plan Available for Public Comment

The Draft Central Virginia Planning District Commission Hazard Mitigation Plan (Central Virginia PDC  Hazard Mitigation Plan) is available for public comment. 

The Central Virginia PDC Hazard Mitigation Plan website,, has been developed as a supplement to the regional pre-disaster plan.  This comprehensive site provides access to the draft Plan and a location for the public to provide comment.  In addition, the site allows for information on the planning process, detailed hazard vulnerability, risk, and historic data, interactive maps, and access to the regional and individual locality mitigation strategies.

Written comments on the Draft Central Virginia PDC Hazard Mitigation Plan can be provided directly at, to, or to Hazard Mitigation Plan, c/o CVPDC, 828 Main St., 12th Floor, Lynchburg, VA 24504Written comments on the Draft Plan can be provided until October 31, 2020. Feedback can also be submitted directly on the hazard mitigation website.   For further information, please contact Kelly Hitchcock (, 434-845-3491 x7604.  


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