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The Central Virginia Planning District Commission (CVPDC) partners with localities and agencies to help develop solutions for housing needs within Region 2000. This is primarily achieved by fostering cooperation and communication amongst stakeholders. The CVPDC staff provides technical support in the areas of needs assessment, outreach, project development, grant writing, project management, and compliance.


Current Project Details


In July 2021 Virginia Housing announced $40 million in grants available to Virginia’s 21 Planning District Commission.  The Virginia Housing PDC Housing Development Program was developed to expand new affordable housing units across the Commonwealth. 

The CVPDC was awarded $2 million to execute the CVPDC Housing Development Program and is working collaboratively with the region’s housing delivery partners, to include local governments, non-profit organizations, developers, housing authorities, and lenders, to develop new affordable housing units within the CVPDC planning region. The CVPDC will utilize up to $1.7 million of the awarded PDC Housing Development grant to provide gap funding to area housing partners to develop affordable units.  All units must be complete by June 30, 2025.


CVPDC Issues New Housing Development Grant Round

The CVPDC seeks Request for Applications from for-profit and non-profit developers for projects that will increase the inventory of affordable housing units in the region.  

Non-profit and for-profit agencies, as well as local governments and housing authorities, are eligible to submit applications. There is $476,869 in grant funding available in this competitive grant round. Application submittal does not guarantee funding award or a guarantee of award at the full request amount.

Request for Application  Release Date:  July 31, 2023

Deadline for Submission:  September 7, 2023, 5:00 p.m. EST

Application Question Submittal:  August 16, 2023   Housing Request for application Q&A Document 

Access CVPDC Housing Development Request for Application

Direct CVPDC Housing Development Program questions to Kelly Hitchcock at kelly.hitchcock@cvpdc> or at 434-818-7604.


Affordable Housing Grants Awarded

The Commission, at its March 16, 2023 meeting, awarded $773,131 in funding from its Virginia Housing PDC Development Grant to four developers creating affordable housing within our region. This award, along with $450,000 awarded to Rush Homes in September 2022, will result in 47 new affordable residential units across the Central Virginia Planning District. The total $1,223,131 in grant awards is leveraged with approximately $9,562,492 in funding secured by the project developers. 

A full list of the awarded projects, including the developer, location, units and awarded amount are shown below. Each of units developed will be made available to individuals or families with incomes at or below 80% Area Median Income (AMI). A list of all of the project awarded funding are presented in the table below.

The CVPDC received nine applications, requesting approximately $4 million in funding request. Project applicants included local government, non-profit, and for-profit developers. The quality of applications and the range of project proposals exemplifies the need for affordable housing across the region. The CVPDC anticipates a final grant round in summer 2023.

For more information contact Kelly Hitchcock at kelly.hitchcock@cvpdc.org.

CVPDC Affordable Housing Grant Project Award Description mar 30


The CVPDC has been awarded $100,000 Community Impact Grant from Virginia Housing to complete a Regional Housing Market Analysis.   The study will evaluate current housing trends and, through evaluation of data and input from with local staff, housing agencies, developers, lenders, and other local stakeholders, serve to inform program, policy and development recommendations to address housing needs and opportunities in our region.

The CVPDC is working with HousingForward Virginia (HFV), a statewide housing policy and research agency, to complete the study.  HFV has extensive knowledge of evaluating housing data and facilitating housing studies across the Commonwealth and led similar studies at other PDCs. 

The CVPDC Regional Housing Study will be undertaken between November 2022 and July 2023.   During the study there will be housing stakeholder input sessions and the opportunity to review preliminary housing program data.  All project resources, including study updates and focus group meeting results will be posted at this project site.

Study Process  Timeline_option_2.PNG

Study Development Documents

Review of Past Studies and Plans summarizes regional plans to understand historic strategies and present common themes. 

Engagement and Outreach is a summary of stakeholder sessions 

We encourage you to visit this site during the project. Please direct any project questions to Kelly Hitchcock at kelly.hitchocck@cvpdc.org.

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Hilltop Community Revitalization Project

The Hilltop Community Revitalization Project is moving forward with great success as there are two houses completed and several are underway in Phase 1 of the project. On March 29th, 2023, a representative of the CVPDC and Town staff in Bedford ceremonially welcomed town resident Cathalia Wright into her new home on Crenshaw Street. This house is the first of 10 homes scheduled to be rehabilitated or substantially reconstructed in the Hilltop Community by the beginning of 2024. Efforts are currently underway to apply for additional funding to continue housing rehabilitation in the Phase 2 area of the Hilltop Community Revitalization Project.

The Hilltop Community Revitalization Project represents a Phase 1 project to improve and revitalize the living conditions of low- and moderate-income households throughout several close-knit neighborhoods south of the Centertown area in Bedford, Virginia. The project will enhance the economic vitality and quality of living for the Hilltop Community through housing improvements to safe, decent, and standard conditions as well as preserve the existing housing stock. This project is funded primarily through a $963,983 multi-year Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) from the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (VDHCD) as well as funding contribution from the Town of Bedford Redevelopment & Housing Authority. This project represents the first in an envisioned long-term series of improvements to revitalize this vital community in the Town of Bedford.

For more information contact Jefrado Granger at jefrado.granger@cvpdc.org or at 434-818-7608.

Past Projects:

  • Old Towne Madison Heights Revitilization Project
  • Appomattox County Tornado Recovery Project
  • Cabell Lane/Ebenezer Road CDBG Project, Amherst County
  • East Side CDBG Project, Town of Pamplin
  • Greater Meadowlark Neighborhood Improvement Project, Town of Appomattox
  • Old Town Madison Heights CDBG Project, Amherst County
  • Town of Altavista Downtown CDBG Project (Upper Story Housing)
  • Town of Brookneal Downtown CDBG Project


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