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The CVPDC bicycle, pedestrian, and trail program initiatives target planning, programs, and implementation coordination dedicated to developing a comprehensive pedestrian and bicycle network that serves the needs of residents and visitors.     

Program activities are targeted at:
  • Developing bicycle and pedestrian corridors as articulated in regional, local, and state plans;
  • Activities that expand bicycle and pedestrian safety and education programs and infrastructure development;
  • Developing resources, such as maps and education information that promote bicycling as transportation option and recreational outlet;
  • Coordinating with existing infrastructure projects and programs to maximize implementation opportunities and financial efficiencies;
  • Pursuing local, state, and federal funds to advance pedestrian and bicycle programs, planning, and implementation;
  • Provide support and technical assistance to advance pedestrian and bicycle resources and education;
  • Serve as a liaison to VDOT, DRPT, and DMV to ensure state programs are articulated and advanced locally;
  • Serve as a clearing house for local, state, and regional pedestrian and bicycle related resources; and
  • Provide support to local initiatives, events, and organizations to advance pedestrian and bicycle safety, education, and participation.

The CVPDC bicycle, pedestrian, and trail program activities are guided by the yearly approved transportation work program. 

Guiding Program Documents

Current Projects

  • City of Lynchburg On-Road Bicycle Accommodation Plan (update)
    • Project will update City of Lynchburg On-road bicycle accommodations from the 2010 Region 2000 Bicycle Plan
  • Interactive Bicycle Map (update)
  • Development of a one-stop portal website for pedestrian and bicycle information for the greater Region 2000 area.



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