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Office of the Central Virginia Planning District Commission
828 Main Street, 12th Floor
Lynchburg, VA 24504

Large Conference Room | 10:30 am

Kenneth Campbell, CVPDC Chair
Sara Carter, Amherst Town Manager
Waverly Coggsdale, Altavista Town Manager
Dean Rodgers, Amherst County Administrator
Bonnie Svrcek, Lynchburg City Manager
Russell Thurston, Brookneal Town Manager

CVPDC Staff:
Emmie Boley
Gary Christie
Susan Cook
Kelly Hitchcock
Rosalie Majerus
Scott Smith
Megan Lucas, Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance, via telephone

1. & 2. Welcome and Meeting notes from March 1 & 6
CVPDC Chair Kenneth Campbell welcomed the committee and noted that we have a good representation from the Towns in the region but are one county/city short of a quorum (3 are needed and 2 were present).  The committee reviewed the notes of March 1 and 6 and did not recommend any changes.

3. Personnel Policies
Gary Christie provided an introduction to the personnel policies saying the current policies were based on Campbell County’s policies around 2006.

The current policies have been modified several times to incorporate non-profits of the Region 2000 Partnership.  Since those non-profits are no longer on our payroll, then we should remove those referenced sections from our policies.

Using our blanket services contract, staff retained the Berkeley Group and Margaret Schmitt and asked Margaret to re-write the document streamlining and updating the policies to current laws.

Margaret began an overview of the proposed changes following the attached chart.  Highlights are:

  • Added a section on employment at will
  • Expanded annual leave for longer term employees
  • Expanded sick leave carryover for VRS classified Hybrid employees
  • Removal of the Sick Leave Bank from the policies for new employees
  • Added code of conduct
  • Bereavement/Funeral leave removes the 2 per year limitation

Several questions came from the committee:

  1. How many employees would be in the added annual leave tiers?
  2. Why does the organization pay $20 per day for unused sick leave upon separation?
  3. Why is there a different “definition” of family members for use of sick leave than for other leave? What are the trends in family member leave?
  4. Why should VRS Hybrid plan members have less sick leave carryover than VRS Plan 1 or 2 employees?

The Committee recommended that the personnel policies be circulated among staff for comment.

4. Central Virginia Training Center Redevelopment Plan Development
Megan Lucas joined by telephone.  The committee decided to have another meeting for this topic when more jurisdictions could be available to participate.

5. Preliminary 2019-2020 CVPDC Budget
Gary and Rosalie presented a preliminary 2019-2020 CVPDC budget noting:

  • The VDOT PL revenue numbers for next year haven’t been received yet and this budget contains last year’s numbers.  Typically, those numbers don’t change radically from year to year.
  • There is a 2% performance-based pay increase included in the budget
  • Staff estimates a carry over this year to reserves of $39,349.
  • There is an additional planner position included in this budget at a $50,000 salary and $20,000 travel/equipment cost
  • The 2019-2020 preliminary budget is $61,667 in the red due to this additional position.

There were no comments or questions about the preliminary budget as the Committee will take the information for review.  The budget will be considered at the April 18 meeting.

6. Use of 2019-2020 Rural Transportation Funds for a Bedford Town Intersection Study
Gary and Scott led a discussion to utilize 2018-2029 and 2019-2020 Rural Transportation funds for a Bedford Town Intersection Study at the intersection of Route 211 and Independence Blvd.  They noted that, if approved, this project will be the only major intersection study in 2019-2020 because most of the staff time will be focused on the update to the MPO Long Range Transportation Plan.

The Committee suggested that representatives from the Town of Bedford be on hand for the April 18 Commission meeting to express their support for the project.

7. Other Business

Use of Commission funding for food and snack expenses at meetings
CVPDC Treasurer Dean Rodgers noted that about $900 was spent last year for food and snacks at meetings last year and encouraged the staff to more thoroughly bill for those expenditures.  Gary noted that most of the expenditures were for Planners, Human Resource and Procurement Agents meetings.

Staff agreed to more carefully invoice Managers/Administrators when appropriate for these expenses.

Discussion on use of dues to pay for staff time for projects and services
Gary noted that several jurisdictions had asked for staff time for projects and services expecting that time to be covered by dues.

Gary circulated a document from a reorganization in 2000 where the Commission was expected to operate as an enterprise operation and that projects and services must be self-funding and not subsidized by dues.

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