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Office of the Central Virginia Planning District Commission
828 Main Street, 12th Floor
Lynchburg, VA 24504

Large Conference Room | 5:00 pm



Members Present:     
Sara Carter, Amherst Town Manager
Waverly Coggsdale, Altavista Town Manager
Bruce Johannessen, Bedford Town Council
Megan Lucas, Lynchburg Regional Economic Alliance
Dean Rodgers, Amherst County Administrator
Frank Rogers, Campbell County Administrator
Mayor Dwayne Tuggle, Town of Amherst, Vice-Chair
Mayor Treney Tweedy, City of Lynchburg
Charlie A. Watts, II, Campbell County Board of Supervisors

Members Absent:
Susan Adams, Appomattox County Administrator
Kenneth Campbell, Amherst County Board of Supervisors, Chair   
Beverley Dalton, Altavista Town Council
Mayor Paul Harvey, Town of Appomattox
Bryan Moody, Appomattox County Board of Supervisors
Mark Peake, Senate of Virginia
Gary Shanaberger, Appomattox Town Manager
John Sharp, Bedford County Board of Supervisors        
Bonnie Svrcek, City of Lynchburg
Russell Thurston, Brookneal Town Manager

Others Present:
Emmie Boley, Central Virginia Planning District Commission
Richard Chumney, News & Advance
Gary Christie, Central Virginia Planning District Commission, Executive Director
Susan Cook, Central Virginia Planning District Commission
Adam Duncan, Robinson, Farmer Cox Associates
Michael Elliott, Interim President and CEO, Centra Health
Kelly Hitchcock, Central Virginia Planning District Commission
Rosalie Majerus, Central Virginia Planning District Commission
Peter Stephenson, VML Insurance Programs

1. Welcome and Moment of Silence

Mayor Dwayne Tuggle, Vice-Chair, welcomed the Council and began the meeting with a moment of silence.

2. Approval of Minutes of the January 17, 2019 Meeting

Upon a motion by Dean Rodgers, seconded by Sara Carter, the minutes from January 17, 2019 passed unanimously as presented.

3. Discussion with Michael Elliot, Interim President and CEO of Centra Health

Gary Christie introduced Michael Elliot, with Centra Health. Mr. Elliott spoke to the Commission about highlights presently going on with Centra Health.

4. Financial and Audit Report

Rosalie Majerus introduced Adam Duncan, from Robinson, Farmer Cox Associates, to review the FY18 audit.

Mr. Duncan reported on the audit and advised there were no difficulties in performing the audit, and a clean opinion was issued on internal control over financial reporting and compliance. A clean opinion was also issued on the major programs involving expenditures of federal grant awards.

Frank Rogers asked Mr. Duncan if the PDC, as an organization, is stable, well managed, and properly resourced, and Mr. Duncan answered that it is. Mr. Rogers also commended staff for insuring that the PDC remains in that position.   

The motion was made by Frank Rogers, and seconded by Megan Lucas, to accept the audit report. The motion carried unanimously by those present.   

5. 2019-2020 Health Insurance Proposal for Employees

Gary Christie advised that the health insurance was put out to bid, and Local Choice, the current vendor, was the low bid at 0% increase. Two Local Choice plans are presently being offered, one with a $500.00 deductible, and one with a $1,000.00 deductible. There is another option, which instead of a $1,000.00 deductible is a high-deductible health plan, which would provide lower cost to the employee, but require that they have a health savings account and puts them in the position of having a higher deductible. It may also provide less expensive renewal rates, and have lower utilization rates. For the higher deductible it is suggested that $1,700.00 of the Commission’s money is put into a health savings account for each person who selects this particular option. This would be effective on July 1 of this year.

A motion was made by Sara Carter, with a second by Frank Rogers, to follow the recommendations for the health insurance proposal, by offering the Local Choice $500.00 deductible plan and the high-deductible plan to employees. The motion was unanimously approved, including a $l,700.00 contribution on July 1, 2019 for employees choosing the high-deductible plan. Employees would be required to pay the administrative expenses for the high-deductible plan.

6. Request to add an Additional Planner onto the CVPDC Staff

Gary Christie explained that he is requesting a new position at the Planning District Commission. He further explained that the majority of the Commission’s money comes from contracts for services, most based on billable hours. It has become difficult for current staff to bill all of the available hours. He proposes to start the hiring process and by July have someone to come on board, ready to start generating some projects. Salary would be approximately $50,000.00, with $20,000.00 for benefits, and another $10,000.00 for a computer and other first year costs, for a total of $80,000.00. This position would be under Kelly Hitchcock, and monitored each year, to make sure that it is beneficial to the organization. Mr. Christie felt that within three years the position would be profitable.  

Following discussion on how this request would specifically create more projects and funds, the decision was made to table a decision to give Mr. Christie time to create a job description and task list, to see what grants and projects might be pursued and how localities might benefit from a new position.    

7. Request to Contract with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality to Continue Work on the Chesapeake Bay Phase III Watershed Implementation Plan

Kelly Hitchcock explained that all PDCs have been offered an opportunity to partner with DEQ for $21,500.00 to continue what was the watershed implementation plan activities for the Chesapeake Bay program. Ms. Hitchcock advised that this will hopefully be about creating a long term relationship with DEQ, where each PDC has the same amount of money guaranteed every year to create some program activities.

Frank Rogers made the motion to authorize staff to proceed with the DEQ as presented.

The motion was seconded by Waverly Coggsdale, and the motion carried.    

8. Update to Fund Balance Policy

Rosalie Majerus advised that in the past the fund balance has amounted to three years of operational expenses not covered by recurring revenues. This usually comes out to about $600,000.00. The fund balance policy has been reviewed and proposed to be simplified to say that it would amount to eight months of operational expenses.

The motion was made by Frank Rogers, and seconded by Sara Carter, to approve the new fund balance policy. The motion was unanimously approved.      

9. Project Status Report

Mr. Christie presented a draft of a report that will be issued quarterly. This will be a simple document to keep everyone posted on the status of projects. 

10. Other Business

Mr. Christie advised that Executive Committee materials will be sent out to everyone, and everyone is welcome to attend the meetings. There will be an April meeting of the full Commission, and the Executive Committee possibly in May, with no meeting in June.

11. Adjourn

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 6:30 pm.

Central Virginia Planning District Commission 828 Main Street, 12th Floor
Lynchburg, VA 24504
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