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Office of the Central Virginia Planning District Commission
828 Main Street, 12th Floor
Lynchburg, VA 24504

Large Conference Room | 5:00 pm



Members Present:
Kenneth Campbell, Chair, Amherst County Board of Supervisors
Sara Carter, Amherst Town Manager
Bruce Johannessen, Bedford Town Council
Dean Rodgers, Amherst County Administrator
Frank Rogers, Campbell County Administrator
Mayor Treney Tweedy, City of Lynchburg
Charlie A. Watts, II, Campbell County Board of Supervisors
Reid Wodicka (for Bonnie Svrcek), City of Lynchburg

Members Absent:
Susan Adams, Appomattox County Administrator
Waverly Coggsdale, Altavista Town Manager
Beverley Dalton, Altavista Town Council
Mayor Paul Harvey, Town of Appomattox
Megan Lucas, Lynchburg Regional Economic Alliance
Bryan Moody, Appomattox County Board of Supervisors
Mark Peake, Senate of Virginia
Gary Shanaberger, Appomattox Town Manager
John Sharp, Bedford County Board of Supervisors        
Russell Thurston, Brookneal Town Manager
Mayor Dwayne Tuggle, Town of Amherst
Charlie A. Watts, II, Campbell County Board of Supervisors   

Others Present:
Ben Bowman, Workforce Development Board
Gary Christie, Local Government Council, Executive Director
Susan Cook, Local Government Council
Carrie Dungan, News & Advance
Kelly Hitchcock, Local Government Council
Rosalie Majerus, Local Government Council
Scott Smith, Local Government Council

1. Welcome and Moment of Silence

Chairman Kenneth Campbell welcomed the Council and began the meeting with a moment of silence.  He then introduced Reid Wodicka, Lynchburg’s Deputy City Manager, attending for Bonnie Svrcek. 

2. Approval of Minutes of the November 15, 2018 Meeting

Upon a motion by Frank Rogers, seconded by Kenneth Campbell, the minutes from October 15, 2018 passed unanimously as presented.

3. Financial Report

LGC Deputy Director Rosalie Majerus reported that there have been expenses incurred for the name change, which has caused an increase in contractual services. At the last meeting having a fund balance policy was discussed, and Ms. Majerus advised that this would be presented at the next meeting in March.  

4. Van Pool Grant/Ride Solutions

Kelly Hitchcock presented information on two DRPT grant programs for consideration:

  • Transportation Demand Management, or TDM Operating Assistance Grant, which is for a 12-month period, from July 1 through June 30. She explained that this program provides funding to support commuter assistance, and includes advertising, marketing, outreach, Guaranteed/Emergency Ride Home program, Ridematching system services (NuRide), training, transportation, salaries, and overhead. The proposed amount of the FY 2020 application is for $52,800 DRPT funds and $13,200 Local Government Council matching funds.
  • Mobility Programs, which is a 24-month grant program, also from July 1 through June 30. The program would provide funding for special mobility programs such as vanpools and carpools. The proposed FY2020 application is for $72,000 DRPT funds and $18,000 Local Government Council matching funds, over a two-year period.

The motion was made by Frank Rogers to submit two applications to DRPT, one being the traditional transportation operating assistance TDM, and a second new program to begin implementing a vanpool mobility program. The motion was seconded by Dean Rodgers and unanimously approved by those present.

5. Discussion of a Contract with the Workforce Development Board to manage the Youth Services Program

Gary Christie and Ben Bowman explained that the Workforce Board manages funds for three different programs: Adult, Dislocated and Youth. Both the Adult and Dislocated programs are contracted by HumanKind. The Workforce Board has been managing the Youth Program, with employees at the YouthWorks Center in Lynchburg, Bedford County, and soon in Campbell County. The state WIOA workforce monitors have recently advised that the Workforce Board should have a different operational structure for the Youth Program and will have to contract it out to a private contractor, a non-profit, or have the fiscal agent directly supervise the youth program instead of reporting to workforce board staff. The Workforce Board asks whether Local Government Council would like to be considered as an option to administer the Youth Program for the year that begins July 1, 2019 through the fiscal year while they put out a bid to find a permanent vendor.

A motion was made by Frank Rogers to approve the Local Government Council contracting with the Workforce Board to administer the Youth Program for fiscal year 2019-2020. The motion was seconded by Dean Rodgers, and was approved unanimously by those present.

6. Updates

  1. Hazard Mitigation Plan – Kelly Hitchcock reported that the Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan has expired, and is in the process of being updated, with a draft plan submittal to FEMA scheduled for early 2020. It will go to FEMA and allow any locality to submit a mitigation application to FEMA, assuming similar March application timeframe, as long as FEMA has the draft in hand. A potential grant award could only be provided if a locality has adopted the Plan by the time of grant award announcements.

  2. Long-Range Transportation Plan – Scott Smith explained that the Long-Range Transportation Plan is updated every five years. The plan helps to set the priorities for transportation for the entire Lynchburg urbanized area, and for the area that might be urbanized by the end date of the plan, which is 2045. They try to look into the future to see what traffic issues there may be. Staff is working with VDOT to complete the model for the plan, which is the software program that helps forecast where traffic issues may be. The model is then used for the next five years by traffic consultants and VDOT on almost every project that is approved. Once the model is complete they will start on the actual plan. He is working with VDOT to develop the scope of work and they will get quotes from the two on-call consultants, Hurt & Proffitt and EPR PC. In the late spring or early summer they will get started. Mr. Smith added that any project that is submitted for Smart Scale funding must be either in the Long-Range Plan or must be supported by the Long Range Plan.

    Scott also reported that VDOT staff in Richmond have made their preliminary recommendations for Smart Scale for this year. For the Lynchburg district small improvements at Rivermont Avenue and Bedford Avenue look like they may be approved. A roundabout near Lynchburg Baptist Hospital at Langhorne and Vassar may be approved. In Amherst County continued improvements on 29 and 151, and Campbell County on Gladys Road at Perky’s Restaurant may be funded.

  3. Update on Work Program Development Process – Kelly Hitchcock advised that staff are proposing to implement a written program proposal process to better account for tracking submitted projects and to better capture all submitted projects, capture projects not included, track coordination over time. She asked that Council members talk to their planners and localities and every locality submit their projects that they would like to include in the work program in a written format.

  4. Plan for Name Change and 50th Anniversary Dinner – Gary Christie advised that March 1st is the target date to roll out the new name. Material will be sent to the media, website will be changed, and email addresses changed to the Central Virginia Planning District Commission. He asked for suggestions for a speaker for the October 17 dinner meeting, celebrating 50 years of service to the area.

7. Motion of Appreciation to Carl Boggess

A motion was made by Reid Wodicka, and seconded by Treney Tweedy, to send a note of appreciation to Carl Boggess, for his years of service to the Region. The motion was unanimously carried.

8. Other Business

  • Gary advised that at the March 21st meeting health insurance will be discussed. A full Council will be needed in attendance in order to take action. Also to be considered will be the share between the company and the employee. Gary asked if the Executive Committee should meet early in March to discuss both of these things, in order to make a recommendation to the Council. It was decided that the Executive Committee would meet on Friday, March 1st, at 10:30 am.
  • Gary reported that he has received a letter from the Central Virginia Alliance for  Community Living, asking for endorsement of their Virginia Dept. of Rails and Public Transportation application for three handicap vehicles. This is something that we typically do every year. He asked for, and received, Council’s consensus to write this letter of support.

9. Adjourn

Next meeting will be a full Commission meeting of the CVPDC on March 21 to consider Health Insurance Proposals.

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