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March 15, 2018 5:00 pm


Members Present:

Susan Adams, Appomattox County Administrator
Kenneth Campbell, Amherst County Board of Supervisors
Sara Carter, Amherst Town Manager
Waverly Coggsdale, Altavista Town Manager
Mayor Joan Foster, Lynchburg City Council, Chair of Council
Mayor Paul Harvey, Town of Appomattox
Bruce Johannessen, Town of Bedford
Megan Lucas, Lynchburg Regional Economic Alliance
Frank Rogers, Campbell County Administrator
Gary Shanaberger, Appomattox Town Manager
Bonnie Svrcek, Lynchburg City Manager
Charlie A. Watts, II, Campbell County Board of Supervisors

Members Absent:

Carl Boggess, Bedford County Administrator, Treasurer of Council
Mayor Phyllis Campbell, Town of Brookneal
Del. Ben Cline, Virginia House of Delegates
Mayor Mike Mattox, Town of Altavista

Bryan Moody, Appomattox County Board of Supervisors
Sen. Mark Peake, Virginia Senate
Dean Rodgers, Amherst County Administrator
John Sharp, Bedford County Board of Supervisors
Russell Thurston, Brookneal Town Manager
Mayor Dwayne Tuggle, Town of Amherst

Others Present:

Ben Bowman, Region 2000 Workforce Development Board
Margaret Carmel, News and Advance
Gary W. Case, Gary W. Case & Co.
Gary Christie, Local Government Council, Executive Director
Susan Cook, Local Government Council 
Adam Duncan, Robinson, Farmer, Cox
Kelly Hitchcock, Local Government Council
Rosalie Majerus, Local Government Council, Deputy Director of Finance
W. Scott Smith, Local Government Council
Wayne Strickland, Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission

  1. Welcome and Moment of Silence

    Mayor Foster, Chair, welcomed everyone and opened the meeting at 5:00 p.m. with a moment of silence.

    Mayor Foster recognized new members Sara Carter, Amherst Town Manager, and Charlie Watts, Campbell County Board of Supervisors.

  2. Approval of Minutes of the November 16, 2017 Meeting

    Upon a motion by Bonnie Svrcek, and seconded by Frank Rogers, the minutes of the November 16, 2017 meeting were approved as presented.

  3. Auditor Report, Financial Update

    Rosalie Majerus introduced Adam Duncan, representing Robinson, Farmer, Cox, who reviewed the FY17 LGC audit. Mr. Duncan reported no findings in the audit.

    The motion was made by Waverly Coggsdale, and seconded by Megan Lucas, to accept the audit report. The motion was unanimously approved.

  4. FY19 Budget

    Rosalie Majerus presented the proposed FY19 budget. She asked for approval of the budget, which includes an increase in health insurance, and a 2% salary merit increase. Some of this is offset by a decrease in VRS.

    Bonnie Svrcek stated that she could not support the merit increase, as the City of Lynchburg does not have the resources to provide a salary increase in its budget. She also asked that an RFP be issued for health insurance next year. Rosalie advised that this is planned for next year.

    Frank Rogers warned against closely coupling the regional entity and to consider this organization on its own merits and resources.

    The motion was made by Sara Carter to endorse the 2% salary increase and health insurance cost for FY19. The motion was seconded by Kenneth Campbell.

    Following discussion on approving the full budget, Sara Carter withdrew her motion, and Frank Rogers made a motion to approve the budget as presented, to include a up to a 2% merit increase and the health insurance increase. The motion was seconded by Sara Carter and the motion was unanimously approved.

  5. Strategic Planning

    1)  Kelly Hitchcock presented an update on the strategic planning process. Over the past several years the LGC has been using the Virginia’s Region 2000 Partnership plan as the Strategic Plan required for DHCD reporting. Now that the Partnership has been dissolved, an updated LGC Strategic Plan is needed that will guide future program and project activities. This process is important in developing regional priorities,

being able to support a proactive process to be responsive to future programming and to increase the profile of the Local Government Council.

Some of the areas that are being reviewed and updated include:• Transportation

• Hazard Mitigation
• Water Supply
• Sustainable Communities• Energy Conservation
• Environmental Justice
• Agriculture

Kelly explained that strategic plans provide guidance for staff and impact funding.

Frank Rogers voiced reluctance to go into another strategic planning process. He questioned whether there could be four or five of the topics presented that the LGC could be emphasizing as strategic objectives going forward for the next twelve or eighteen months.

2)  Gary introduced Wayne Strickland, from the Roanoke Valley Alleghany Regional Commission. Mr. Strickland spoke about their experiences with SERDI and the Regional Assessment. He explained that a Strategic Plan can be seen in two ways. It can be something to direct the region moving forward in terms of projects and improvements, or can be internal, as is the Roanoke Regional Commission. It is an organizational strategic plan, concerned with maintaining relevancy in the region. They have employed SERDI twice to help them do that.

Gary Christie advised that the SERDI process would cost up to $7,500.00 and would take sixty days. We would schedule the process to start in August.

Bruce Johannessen made a motion to move forward with SERDI, with a second by Frank Rogers. The motion was unanimously approved.

  1. Proposed Retirement of the Region 2000 Name

    Gary Christie asked to continue the discussion of the Region 2000 name until the April meeting. Staff suggests that we go back to “Central Virginia”, and set up a committee to work with Gary and the staff to work on reviewing the charter and the bylaws of the organization. A name change would require asking each jurisdiction for permission to change the charter.

  2. Office Space Update

    Gary Christie reviewed past discussion about relocating office space. The Alliance has offered office space, and Gary went over their offer, including space and cost. After looking at everything involved and having Wiley Wilson help with drawings, the staff recommends thanking the Alliance for their offer, but declining the offer because of the renovation cost and continue to explore other space options.

Gary Case addressed the council, reviewing space available at the Alliance, and cost.

Frank Rogers stated that he would like to see the LGC reduce the square footage and also the rent. He added that he did not see that the LGC, as a PDC, is the intuitive cohabitant of the LRBA facility. Frank suggested leaving the offer from the LRBA on the table, while continuing to look for other options. Megan Lucas suggested getting bids for the build-out at the Alliance. Frank replied that this could be explored, although his preference is to have a private landlord receive benefit of guaranteed rent in this community. Waverly Coggsdale advised that staff be charged with finding another, less expensive location.

Bonnie Svrcek stated that the Workforce Board would be a more logical fit at the Alliance. Ben Bowman explained that there is still the possibility that the Workforce eventually be located at CVCC.

In consideration of a timeline, Frank Rogers felt that there should be some decision ready to be made at the next meeting.

  1. Rural Transportation Planning Work Program FY2019

    Scott Smith presented the FY 2019 Rural Transportation Planning Work Program for approval. The amount of funding is $72,500.00 each year.

    A motion was made by Frank Rogers, and seconded by Megan Lucas, to approve the resolution for the FY 2019 Rural Transportation Planning Work Program. The motion was unanimously approved.

    Scott presented a budget amendment for DRPT funding in the amount of $23,361.00, which was rolled over from last year’s budget, to use to bring on a consultant to help with a study for a regional van pool.

    A motion was made by Sara Carter to approve the budget amendment, and seconded by Mayor Foster. The motion was unanimously approved.

  2. Items from Staff

    Gary reported that the final Hazard Mitigation planning grant was approved at the federal level. Kelly Hitchcock will get started on that with Virginia Tech, and jurisdictions will be billed the $2,500.00 that has been committed.

10. Items from Council

There were none.

11. Next Meeting: April 19, 2018

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:40.

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