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 November 16, 2017 5:00 pm 


Members Present: 

Susan Adams, Appomattox County Administrator 

Carl Boggess, Bedford County Administrator, Treasurer of Council 

Kenneth Campbell, Amherst County Board of Supervisors 

Waverly Coggsdale, Altavista Town Manager 

Mayor Joan Foster, Lynchburg City Council, Chair of Council 

Mayor Paul Harvey, Town of Appomattox 

Dean Rodgers, Amherst County Administrator 

Frank Rogers, Campbell County Administrator 

Bonnie Svrcek, Lynchburg City Manager 

Mayor Dwayne Tuggle, Town of Amherst 

Members Absent: 

Mayor Phyllis Campbell, Town of Brookneal 

Del. Ben Cline, Virginia House of Delegates 

Bruce Johannessen, Town of Bedford 

Megan Lucas, Lynchburg Regional Economic Alliance 

Mayor Mike Mattox, Town of Altavista 

Bryan Moody, Appomattox County Board of Supervisors 

Sen. Mark Peake, Virginia Senate 

Michael Rousseau, Campbell County Board of Supervisors 

John Sharp, Bedford County Board of Supervisors 

Russell Thurston, Brookneal Town Manager 

Others Present: 

Ben Bowman, Local Government Council 

Margaret Carmel, News and Advance 

Gary Christie, Local Government Council, Executive Director 

Susan Cook, Local Government Council 

Christine Kennedy, Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance 

Rosalie Majerus, Local Government Council, Deputy Director of Finance 

W. Scott Smith, Local Government Council 


1. Welcome and Moment of Silence

Mayor Foster, Chair, welcomed everyone and opened the meeting at 5:00 p.m. with amoment of silence.

2. Approval of Minutes of the October 19, 2017 Meeting

Upon a motion by Carl Boggess, and seconded by Bonnie Svrcek, the minutes of theOctober 19th meeting were approved as presented.

3. Financial Update

a) Rosalie Majerus reviewed the financials that were included in the meeting packet.She noted that under Direct Project Revenues for Old Town Madison Heights there isa negative $3,700.00 revenue. This is because she billed them twice last year, and ithas been corrected.

b) Gary Christie presented a resolution for the VML/VACo Investment Program. Thisprogram would give the LGC a choice for longer term investments.

A motion was made by Waverly Coggsdale, and seconded by Bonnie Svrcek, toapprove the resolution. The motion carried unanimously by those present.

c) Dean Rodgers gave an update on the CVTC. He advised that last year the GeneralAssembly directed $260,000 for an environmental assessment on the Training Center.This was a Phase II assessment on specific sites that were known sites of waste, etc.

This resulted in a list of work that needed to be done, which would amount to anexpense of $570,000.00. This does not include removal and disposal of surfacedebris, or include any improvements that may be required to supplement the existinglandfill caps, and did not address asbestos and lead. More money will be neededlater, as there will be more findings.

At this point, Mr. Rodgers stated that he is not asking for more money from the LGC,and doesn’t know if a lobbyist is needed at this time.

Frank Rogers suggested making funds available, not to exceed $30,000, from theavailable fund balance to expedite communications with the general assembly whenneeded. He also advised setting up a line item in future budgets for legislativeadvocacy.

Dean Rodgers made a motion to authorize spending up to $30,000.00 for legislativeadvocacy, from the available fund balance, to continue with work on the CentralVirginia Training Center. The motion was seconded by Mayor Paul Harvey, andcarried unanimously by members present.

d) Gary Christie advised the Council that he would like to use $2500.00 to co-sponsor aspeaker with the Alliance, on December 14 when they present an economic report onthe region. The speaker this year will be Dr. Stephen Farnsworth, from MaryWashington University. This was approved by consensus from the Council.

4. Creation of a Non-Profit organization to supplement the Workforce DevelopmentBoard

Gary Christie explained that the Workforce Development Board has recommended that a501-C-3 be established so that money and resources can more easily come through afoundation rather than through the Local Government Council. The Workforce Board wouldserve as the foundation’s Board, and the foundation would use the Local GovernmentCouncil to do its personnel management and financial record keeping.

Ben Bowman explained that by establishing a 501-C-3 there would be opportunities to bringin additional funding that would enable the Workforce to do a better job of career pathwaydevelopment.

The Workforce Development Board would also act as the Board for the foundation.

Bonnie Svrcek suggested that Mr. Bowman proceed with establishing the non-profitorganization. The Local Government Council was in agreement.

5. GO Virginia Workforce Grant Application Support 

Gary Christie asked for a motion to support a grant application to the Region 2 GO VirginiaBoard for Workforce Development. The Local Government Council would serve as thefiscal agent and administrator for this grant project.

The motion was made by Carl Boggess, and seconded by Frank Rogers, to support this grantapplication. The motion was unanimously approved by members present.

6. Taxation and Streaming Videos

Bonnie Svrcek asked the Council to drop her suggestion of taxation of streaming videos fromthe list of items suggested for the legislative agenda.

A motion was made by Bonnie Svrcek to call on Regional Commissions and Councilsthroughout the Commonwealth to encourage the General Assembly to begin dialoguebetween local and state officials on a comprehensive reshaping of the Commonwealth’s taxcode. The motion was seconded by Carl Boggess, and approved unanimously.

7. Office Space

Gary Christie asked the Council to voice pros and cons they have concerning a moveto the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance location, and to talk about setting up adate for the ad hoc committee to look at the space there.

•Parking - Council was advised that there is a city-owned parking lot in closeproximity.

•Renovations – Mr. Christie reported that this cost is currently at $280,000.00,which is probably a high estimate. The thought is that we would renovatespace and negotiate with the Alliance to recapture some of the renovationcost in terms of a reduced rate. Currently the mark is at $15.00, $9.00 for thespace, and $6.00 for operations.

•Current lease – Mr. Christie advised that the current lease in the Bank of theJames is on a month to month basis.

•Staff would be working in reduced space, although there would be someflexible space.

Gary Christie suggested the managers have their December lunch meeting at the Alliance to see the space and talk about options. 

Mr. Christie was asked to speak to the landlord at the Bank of the James about buying the floor at the current location. 

8. Strategic Planning

Mr. Christie advised that he does not yet have the report showing commonalities among allof the regional plans, but expects to have it ready for the January meeting.

Mr. Christie explained that in next year’s budget he would like to budget for a group calledthe SouthEast Regional Directors Institute to lead the Council in a 360 OrganizationalAssessment. The cost would be $4500.00 for their services and $3,000.00 for travel, not toexceed $7,500.00.

Council suggested that someone from one of the planning districts who have used this servicecome to the January meeting to provide information.

9. Meeting Schedule for 2018

Meeting Schedule for consideration for 2018:

i.January 18 - MPO & LGC

ii.March 15 – LGC

iii.April 19 - MPO, LGC

iv.May 17 – LGC (Dinner Meeting?)

v.June 28 – Meeting with Roanoke Regional Commission in Roanoke area

vi.September 20 – LGC

vii.October 18 – MPO & LGC Dinner Meeting

viii.November 15 – LGC

Council decided to meet with the Roanoke Regional Commission, for a dinner meeting in May. The June meeting will be scheduled if needed. 

10. Other Business

Kenneth Campbell stated that he is unable to access the Central Virginia Training PartnershipProgram Development Survey shown in the meeting packet. Mr. Christie advised that thiswould be taken care of.

Ben Bowman reported that on November 30 at 10:00 The Talen Solutions Team and CEOSfrom manufacturers in the region will meet in Merritt Hall at CVCC to present their electricalneeds. Elected officials in the region are also being invited.

11. Next Meeting: January 18, 2018

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:25. 

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