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The Mission of the CVPDC is to be a dynamic public forum for matters of regional significance; to create solutions by coordinating plans and building coalitions; and, to provide service excellence to our localities and to the Commonwealth.

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09 December 2020

Plans for Regional Career and Technical Education Academy Move Forward with New Funding

CVPDC voted to match funding for the CTE Academy in July.

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01 December 2020

CVTPO Launches New Long Range Transportation Data Dashboard

New dashboard allows easier access and more engagement from the public.

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10 November 2020

Rustburg Corridor Study Virtual Public Meeting: November 19

A virtual public meeting will be held to discuss Rustburg's Route 24 Corridor.

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Office of the Central Virginia Planning District Commission
828 Main Street, 12th Floor
Lynchburg, VA 24504

Electronic Meeting | 4:00 pm

Instructions for Accesing the Meeting



1. Call to Order, Jon Hardie, Chair 

2. Approval of Minutes: June 18, 2020 Meeting | Attachment | Jon Hardie, Chair

The minutes of the June 18, 2020 meeting of the CVMPO are attached for your review and approval.

Recommendation:  Staff recommends approval.

3. Opportunity for Public Comment, Jon Hardie, Chair

Recommendation: Listen to and consider comments from the public.

4. Update on Area Construction Projects, Smart Scale Applications, Chris Winstead & Rick Youngblood, VDOT

VDOT will provide an update on various construction projects in the CVTPO urbanized area as well as highlights of certain Smart Scale applications for round 4. 

Recommendation: Participate in discussion. 

5. Consideration of Resolution in Support of Smart Scale Project Applications | AttachmentScott Smith, CVTPO

Smart Scale pre-applications have been submitted for the following projects, but CVTPO staff does not necessarily have confirmation that all projects will move forward to the full application stage. However, the CVTPO Policy Board is being asked to endorse these projects in the event the sponsoring entity opts to proceed with an application. Two projects (labeled in red below) are being sponsored (submitted) by the TPO.

Amherst County
Project Name: Segment Improvement on US 60 between Washington St. and Rt. 29
Description: Reconstruct the median of the US 60 bridge over US 29 and re-stripe to include one through-lane in each direction along with left-turn bays for the ramps to US 29. Also re-stripe the approaches to the bridge to include turn lanes and one through-lane in each direction. All improvements are with the existing right-ofway.
Geographic Entity: CVPDC, CVTPO

Bedford County
Project Name: Blackwater Road (668) at Route 460 Intersection Improvements
DescriptionSafety and access management improvements
Geographic Entity: CVPDC, CVTPO

Project Name: Route 221 Sidewalk Improvements
Install sidewalks to bridge at 2-mile gap between 2 segments currently funded for design/construction under UPC107063, from Route 811 Thomas Jefferson Road to Route 1415 Enterprise Drive.
Geographic Entity: CVPDC, CVTPO

Project Name: US 460 & Route 811 Intersection Improvements (submitted by CVTPO)
This project will increase safety and mainline throughput by re-configuring the intersection to an RCUT with loons to the east and west on US 460 to accommodate U-turns.
Geographic Entity: CVPDC, CVTPO

Campbell County
Project Name: Route 29 Safety Improvements - Southern Section
Description: Construct a blended solution set to address identified problems and themed solutions along Route 29 from Route 24 to Calohan Road. Improvement include installing RCUTs at the entrance to Nick Rayne's Garage and Yellow Branch Elementary School, closing two entrances at various locations, and implementing numerous turn lane improvements to this major transportation corridor.
Geographic Entity: CVPDC, CVTPO

Project Name: Route 29 Safety Improvements - Middle Section
Construct a blended solution set to address identified problems and themed solutions in the middle section along Route 29 from Calohan Road to English Tavern Road. Improvement include 11 turn lane improvements, three crossover closures, and flashing yellow beacons at Calohan Road to this major transportation corridor.
Geographic Entity: CVPDC, CVTPO

Project Name: Route 29 Safety Improvements - Northern Section
Description: Construct a blended solution set to address identified problems and themed solutions to the northern section of the roadway along Route 29 from English Tavern Road to the Lynchburg City Limits. Improvement include one RCUT at Woolridge Heating and Air, four crossover closures, and implementing or extending turn lanes at numerous locations to this major transportation corridor. 
Geographic Entity: CVPDC, CVTPO

Project Name: Timberlake Road Improvements (Greenview Dr. to Laxton Rd.) (submitted by CVTPO)
The installation of additional left and right turn lanes at Greenview Drive and Laxton Road is anticipated to improve throughput on Timberlake Road and reduce crashes. Sidewalk will be installed along the corridor between Oakdale Circle and Wood Road. Project will also include the relocation and improvement of a bus stop. 
Geographic Entity: CVPDC, CVTPO

Lynchburg City
Project Name: Wards Ferry Road and CVCC Campus Drive Roundabout
Description: Construct a roundabout at the intersection of Wards Ferry Rd., CVCC Campus Drive and Harvard Street. Project also includes 600' of sidewalk to tie into CVCC and shared use path on Wards Ferry Road in accordance with the Wards Ferry Road Corridor Study.
Geographic Entity: CVPDC, CVTPO

Project Name: Candlers Mountain Road Interchange Improvements
Description: The project involves replacing the Candler's Mountain Road bridge over Route 29 Business (Lynchburg Expressway) to meet minimum vertical clearance requirements. The project removes two loop ramps, extends acceleration and deceleration lanes, installs two traffic signals, modifies access at Seminole Avenue and provides a sidewalk/shared use path along Candler's Mountain Road.
Geographic Entity: CVPDC, CVTPO

Recommendation:  Participate in discussion, adoption of resolution.

6. Update on Connect Central Virginia 2045 Plan Progress (Project Ranking, Town Hall Meeting, etc.), EPR, PC

Members of the project team will provide an update on the progress of the 2045 update to the Long-Range Transportation Plan. Topics covered will include a report on the virtual town hall held on June 30th, the project prioritization process, and next steps as we approach adoption of the plan.

Recommendation:  Participate in discussion.

7. Matters from the Members

8. Adjournment

9. Informational Items

The CVTPO will be meeting at 4:00 p.m. on the following dates unless otherwise noted or notified:
August 20, 2020
September 17, 2020 (if needed)
October 15, 2020
January 21, 2021

The CVMPO ensures nondiscrimination and equal employment in all programs and activities in accordance with Title VI and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  If you have questions or concerns about your civil rights in regards to this project or need special assistance for persons with disabilities or limited English proficiency, please contact the CVMPO.  Sign language or non-English language interpreters will be provided if needed and requested in advance of this meeting.  Please contact the CVMPO at 434-845-3491 to request an interpreter.

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  • Land Use & Strategic Planning

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